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Finixa UV Curing System

Finixa UV Curing System

Posted by Autolac Industries on 29th Jun 2023

Demand for shorter drying and curing times within the automotive repair industry are on a constant rise and Finixa are consistently innovating products to meet the demand. Spot, SMART and one-day repairs are benefiting greatly by using UV curing systems to dramatically boost productivity and profitability.

UVL00 UV Curing Lamp by Finixa is a premium, rechargeable UV-A curing light made for the professional user. The UVL00 Curing Lamp is a state-of-the-art cordless UV-curing gun which uses powerful LED’s and battery technology along with an active cooling system to offer very fast and highly efficient UV curing. The inbuilt ultrasonic range finder, LCD control display, timer, ease of handling and long operation times mean you can be confident in the curing phase.

Developed with the latest ultra-hi-flux UV-A LED technology with custom-designed optics to provide more efficient and faster curing for all automotive repair and industrial refinishing work that uses ultraviolet light curable fillers, primers, clear coats, resins and adhesives.

Tested on UV paints from all major paint manufacturers and has been proven to save substantial time in the curing process compared to conventional methods.

The Finixa UVL00 curing lamp holds many unique benefits with the most impactful to the industry listed below.

  • Pure powerful UV-A with no filters required, maximum UV-A intensity of 55 μW/cm² at 20cm.
  • Up to 70% lower energy usage than conventional curing systems with no warm-up times.
  • Lower carbon footprint, no disposal of used lamps containing mercury means no hazardous material in the workshop.

Wall-mounted charging station provides a convenient recharging process and takes less space to store. Tripod accessory (UVL01) also available for longer exposure usage. Easily extend the tripod height and adjust the angle to suit the job at hand.