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Precision Hand Sanding with SFP

Precision Hand Sanding with SFP

Posted by Autolac Industries on 9th Oct 2023

Sharp Foam Pads (SFP) by Finixa enable bodyshops to complete intricate sanding sections with greater speed, comfort, and precision thanks to using foam as an abrasive carrier. With the abrasive grit directly attached to the foam the finish becomes much finer than with standard sanding paper on a block.

SFP are a soft open-cell, foam coated structure with 2 sides of abrasive grit giving them unique flexibility that allows the grits to move apart from each other, meaning the dust has less chance to build up and clog.

The combination of a flexible binder and a foam carrier material (direct coating system) improves the clogging characteristics of the sharp foam pad, resulting in extreme long-life spans. These foam pads can be used wet or dry thanks to the solvent-free adhesives used between the foam and abrasive.

Some applications where the Finixa Sharp Foam Pads will come in handy include:

  • -Sanding of hard-to-reach areas/shapes/contours
  • -Wet or dry sanding of paintwork for spot repair
  • -Sanding of plastic parts, bumpers, spoilers, trim, door handles, mirror caps, etc.
  • -Matting of contours and edges, preparation for clear coat or fade out

No risks of sanding through thanks to the “pressure equalising” foam that can be crumpled and stretched without creasing ensuring a high quality and even finish without leaving irregular finger marks unlike traditional apers and scuff rolls. The Sharp Foam Pad offers the user a comfortable sanding method that is perfect for every finish from primer prep (P320), primer sanding (P500), base coat prep (P800) and clear coat prep (P1000).

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