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Bodyshop Safe One Step Polish

Bodyshop Safe One Step Polish

Posted by Autolac Industries on 10th Oct 2023

Finixa POL10 One Step Polish Paste is the top Bodyshop safe, silicone-free detailing solution offered by the brand.

Based on nanotechnology, this silicone-free paste can polish very fast from coarse to very fine, but it also brings back a 95% gloss degree. An additional advantage is that this paste stays “wet” for a long time and minimizes the risk of dry powder residue. Use on old paints, fresh paints, all 2K and ceramic paints.

The water-based, silicone-free formula makes POL10 the ideal bodyshop-safe product to have on hand for those post-repair touch-ups and finishes. Thanks to the water-based technology the surface remains much cooler, making it much safer to use especially on fresh clearcoats while requiring no PPE.

Finixa POL10 One Step Polish Paste can be used for different applications including dust removal, polishing spray zones, fast removal of blemishes on newly repaired and aged topcoats as well as refurbishing headlights. Also suitable for the removal of deep scratches and for the conditioning of heavily weathered paints.

Advantages of using POL10 include being able to rely on just one product from start to finish with outstanding gloss results, POL10 is a water-based compound, great for both fresh and weathered paints.
With its very high cutting power, low dust formation and easy clean-up this product can save up to 50% in overall job-time which is invaluable in a bodyshop environment.

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